Shop Local!by Sandy Beals, The Whalen Team.

Did You Know Shopping Locally Can Make A Huge Impact On The Economic Prosperity, Safety, And Value Of Your Neighborhood?

As a real estate agent, one of my biggest concerns is ensuring that local real estate values continue to appreciate as neighborhoods improve, businesses grow, and people are able to sustain safe, prosperous relationships with their neighbors. There are many factors which contribute to this, but one of the most important steady investments you can make in your community is by shopping local, independent businesses.

Whether it's the holiday season pushing you to peruse a downtown district, or simply picking up a few things for your everyday needs, making the choice to shop locally and independently can contribute hugely.

Consider these economic statistics gathered from a credible source by "Independent We Stand" (, a website dedicated to helping small, local, and independent businesses thrive:

  • Small businesses accounted for 65% of all net new jobs over the past 17 years.
  • Small businesses employ 77 million Americans.
  • 89% of consumers agree that independent businesses contribute positively to local economies.
  • Residential neighborhoods served by a successful independent business district gained, on average, 50% more in home values than their citywide markets.

And there are more reasons you can check out at their website.

Shop Local!Your local purchases can be thought of as an investment in your home and your neighborhood. The next time you're thinking of shopping, see where you can do business with people who live and work nearby. Shop local! Shop independent. To learn more about our area, please contact us at The Whalen Team - we're here to help!

-Sandy Beals, The Whalen Team of Keller Williams Realty