At Home With DiversityWilmington, NC September 30, 2021

Jennifer Coxe of The Whalen Team at KW Innovate has been awarded the At Home with Diversity® certification from the National Association of REALTORS®.

Coxe joins more than 21,000 other real estate professionals in North America who have earned the certification after completing an eight hour course addressing topics of diversity, fair housing, and business planning development. The program is designed to meet the nation's fair housing commitment by educating and equipping NAR's members with the tools they need to expand homeownership opportunities.

Real estate professionals like Coxe wisely plan to meet the needs of diverse clients, while maintaining a competitive edge. The At Home with Diversity® certification allows REALTORS® to not only apply the multi-faceted skills and tools they learned in the course to business practices, but conveys to clients they’re dynamic real estate professionals with expertise that transcends cultural barriers.

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Jennifer Coxe can be reached at The Whalen Team at KW Innovate at 910-515-3599 or