by Desiree Whalen.

homes for saleHi everyone,
Hope everybody is drying out after the historic rain we've had over the last week or so! Even though we are back to sunny skies here in Wilmington - our thoughts are with those who may have suffered flood damage in the outlying communities. Which brings us to the reason for today's update: we've just uploaded 5 new neighborhood pages to the site, highlighting communities in our area for you to explore in your home search.

All of them can be found in the "Neighborhoods" section of our site (along with all of the other neighborhoods we've already featured), and each has information including maps, photos, school information, and the most up-to-date property listings available. Give them a look!

Remember, if we haven't yet featured the neighborhood you're looking for on our site, we still have you covered! Just visit our "Advanced Search" page and select the neighborhood you want from the "Subdivisions" menu (*only neighborhoods with currently active listings will display).

Have questions about any of the properties listed in these communities? Give me a call! Already own a home in one of these neighborhoods and thinking about selling? Contact me today about listing your property - I'm here to help!