by Desiree Whalen.

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope you had a great weekend. Tonight's update features four new neighborhood showcase pages just uploaded to the site - all focusing on residential neighborhoods on some of our local beaches. Yes, the warm weather this weekend played a big part in my selection of tonight's featured neighborhoods, so just go along with it - I can't wait for Spring and Summer to get here.

Just follow the links below to check out the updated home listings available in each neighborhood, including photos, maps, and updated price information. Enjoy!

Kure by the Sea (homes on the north end of Kure Beach):

Island Oaks (Surf City homes - on the Island):

Ocean Ridge Village (homes in North Topsail Beach):

The Village of Stump Sound (homes on the south end of North Topsail Beach):

What's that you say? You'd like to head out to the beach and check out some of these properties with me? What are you waiting for! Grab your flip-flops and give me a call or send me an email. Already own a home on the beach here in southeastern NC and thinking about selling? Let me put my internet marketing team to work for you and get it sold quickly! Contact me today about listing your property - I'm here to help!