This past week, I took some clients around the Calabash, NC area to find them a home near the beach.  After showing them some great homes, I drove to the Riverfront and ate at Nance's Seafood Restaurant.  Sitting there eating the famous Calabash style fish, I was quickly reminded that Calabash isn't just about their fried seafood...the area has a gorgeous riverfront, convenience, and beautiful neighborhoods.

Gorgeous Riverfront

When you look out across, up and down the river, you see nothing but just green trees and wild life with homes nestled behind them.  Any sort of worry or stress just leaves you immediately when you take in the surroundings.



Yes...I am all about convenience after growing up in an area that took me a half hour just to get to a grocery store, so I look for things that will make my life easier.  Living in Calabash, you can have the quiet, serene setting, but just go down the road and you're smack in to shopping, restaurants, attractions!  With Myrtle Beach within minutes, you can have it all!


Calabash offers all types of homes: waterfront, cozy neighborhoods, golf communities and new construction.  The area offers homes in all price ranges for first time home buyers to the savvy investor looking for a good deal.



Just give me a ring or email me to see just how amazing this area really is...

See you soon!