Oak Island Real Estate

April 2, 2018

Road Trip from Southport to Calabash, NC.....Part 2

Are You Ready to Continue Your Trip? 

Let's Head to Oak Island


Now that we have explored Southport, it's time to take a short ride to Oak Island.Oak Island Beach

Oak Island is a favorite destination for vacationers and residents. In the Spring the streets are in bloom ...

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Nov. 17, 2015

Oak Island NC Neighborhoods and Subdivisions

By Desiree Whalen.

Hope you're all enjoying the Fall weather and the run up to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Today I'm back to feature homes located in Oak Island NC which is south of Wilmington, over in Brunswick County - a great place to visit and an even greater place ...

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May 2, 2014

Beachfront Bargain Hunting in North Carolina

by Desiree Whalen.

Hi everyone,
Just a quick update to remind everyone about the new format for the Beachfront Bargains list on my site.  We used to email the updated list out every two weeks to only those who registered to receive it, but we now feature the list on ...

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April 28, 2014

Oceanfront Homes for Sale in Southeast North Carolina

by Desiree Whalen.

Hi everyone!
Spring is here, beach weather is upon us, and not surprisingly, this is the time many folks start to wonder if this is the year they'll buy their own vacation beach house on a sunny coast somewhere. If you're one of those people ...

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March 17, 2014

Beachfront Bargains in Southeast North Carolina

by Desiree Whalen.

Beachfront Bargain HuntHappy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Today's update is to let you know that I've just published the new Beachfront Bargains List to my website, and emailed it out to those who have signed up to receive it via email (so check your inbox!)

What ...

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Feb. 25, 2014

New Beachfront Bargains on the NC Coast!

by Desiree Whalen.

Hello everyone,
beach ballHere's a quick update to let you know that I've updated the Beachfront Bargains List on my site, and for those of you who have signed up to receive it via email - check your inbox!

What is the Beachfront Bargains List?

Every two ...

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Jan. 28, 2014

Hey Beachfront Bargain Hunters - My New List Is Out

by Desiree Whalen.

Beachfront Bargain HuntHi everyone!
Have you been dreaming about buying a beach house or condo here on the North Carolina coast? This is YOUR YEAR to finally do it and NOW is the time! I've just published my latest, updated list of beach property foreclosures, short sales, and great ...

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Jan. 13, 2014

Start Your Beachfront Bargain Hunt Right Here!

by Desiree Whalen.

Beachfront Bargain HuntLooking for your own beachfront bargain here in southeastern North Carolina as either a vacation home or investment property? This is the place to start your search! I've just updated the Beachfront Bargains list on my site, and there are some great properties available right now!
(For ...

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Dec. 12, 2013

Great Deals on Beachfront Property in Southeastern NC

by Desiree Whalen.

nc beach foreclosuresHi everyone!
Hope you're having a great week so far! Just wanted to let you know that I've just updated my list of NC Beach foreclosures and short sales, and posted the new list to the website. (If you've already signed up to receive ...

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Dec. 4, 2013

With the Cold Weather Here, Are You Dreaming of a House on a Sunny Beach?

NC Beach Foreclosuresby Desiree Whalen.

I know, I know...the cold weather is just beginning for most of us, but it’s never to early to start dreaming of those long summer days in the sun, toes in the sand, here on the sunny shores of southeastern North Carolina.

Now that I’ve put ...

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